Application Form (Joint Usage / Research)

Center for Marine Environmental Studies

Ehime University


Joint Usage / Research Center “Leading Academia in Marine and Environment Pollution Research (LaMer)”

Now accepting new applications for 2021 fiscal year.

Request for archived samples of es-Bank are currently accepted.

details about es-Bank 

Center for Marine Environmental Studies, Ehime University is operating a joint usage/research center “LaMer” by practical use of the environmental specimen bank (es-Bank) and related analytical equipment, and the research vessel (R/V) Isana. LaMer aims to implement advanced cutting-edge research in environmental sciences via international collaboration.

1.Subscription          Category

Applications including original research ideas of the applicants for the following four categories (A, B, C and D) are welcomed. Members in the application must include researcher(s) outside Ehime University and faculty member(s) of LaMer, although principal investigator of the project can be anybody among the members.

[ A. Joint usage of equipment ]
Project under category A requires use of analytical equipment. (Equipment details are listed in Table 1 at item 16) Please refer “Equipments” .
[ B. Collaboration by using storage samples in environmental specimen Bank (es-Bank) ]
Applications under category B should include two types of collaborations as follows:
1) Collaboration with LaMer members by using samples stored in es-Bank.
2) Collaboration with LaMer members by sample analysis.
To apply just for usage of strage samples in es-BANK, not for collaborative works, please apply from the website of es-BANK.
[ C. General collaboration ]
Application for collaboration with LaMer members in categories than above A and B can also be made.
[ D. Seminar and research meeting]
Applications can also be made for conducting seminars and research meetings in Ehime University. Maximum support for one seminar or meeting is 500,000 Japanese Yen. If the venue for meeting is necessarily to be outside Ehime University, please mention the reason. This category can include educational activities, i.e. lectures and workshop, to improve the research skills of researchers and students.
2.Duration of joint usage / research 

Duration of joint usage/research is from April 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022.

3.Qualification of applicant and participant

Researchers affiliated to Japanese and foreign universities, institutes and private companies can apply (graduate students and fifth and sixth grade students of six-year universities are included). Other persons who can be recognized as suitable for applying in the above categories by the LaMer Committee can also apply. Student’s applications should fulfill the following conditions.
1) If the student applicant is the PI, his/her supervisor should also participate in the project. Recognition note by the supervisor (Form 2) must be attached with the application.
2) If the student is included as a member, recognition note by the supervisor (Form 2) must be attached with the application.


LaMer offers travel funds and accommodation expenses if the application is accepted. In case of category A, B and C, part of expenses for purchasing consumables will be provided the LaMer faculty member of the project. In case of D, expenses for rental charges of the venue for the conduct of the seminar, symposia and meeting, printing expenses of abstract book and travel expenses for the participants will be supplied by the LaMer faculty member. Please be informed that all the expenses may not always accepted as each project budget depends on the yearly total budget of LaMer.

5.How to apply

Please discuss with faculty members listed in item 15. Fill in the attached form (Form 1) and submit by e-mail to the address below.

6.Dead line of application

All application forms should reach LaMer by January 29, 2021.

7.Contact information

LaMer Office of Research Support Division,
Ehime University, Bunkyo 2-5, Matsuyama, 790-8577 Japan
Tel and Fax: +81-89-927-8187

8.Selection of the project

Selection of the projects will be made by the deliberation of committee members of the Joint Usage/Research Center. Especially, “necessity, creativity, and possibility of achievement” will be important criteria for judgment.

9.Notification of selection

The decision of the committee will be notified to the principle investigator by the beginning of April.

10.Specifying acknowledgement

When the fruits of the joint use, collaboration project, and seminar and meeting are reported, please add a brief acknowledgement as shown in the following example. Additionally, please submit printed matters (manuscript reprint, abstract book and so on) to the Office of Research Support Division.
Example of acknowledgement .”This study was supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (MEXT) to a project on Joint Usage/Research Center– Leading Academia in Marine and Environmental Research (LaMer) ”

11.Report of research product and meetings

Principal investigator should report the outcome of research and/or meeting by February 28, 2022. Form 3 should be used for submitting the report to the Office of Research Support Division. The report will be published or open to the public. If the report must be kept confidential for patent application, please inform the same it to the office.

12.Intellectual property right

If the intellectual property right is to be produced by the collaboration project, please consult with appropriate division of the PI’s institute.

13.Legal process for animal experiments and recombinant DNA experiments

All of legal process should be done by the side of applicants.

14. Security export control

When the research group contains foreign researchers, a written pledge for classification is needed according to the foreign exchange control law and/or foreign trade law.