[IMPORTANT] Changes to our Policy on Joint Usage and Joint Research Activities for the Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Infections (COVID-19)

Changes to our Policy on Joint Usage and Joint Research Activities for the Prevention of
                                Novel Coronavirus Infections (COVID-19)
   LaMer has made changes to its policy for the prevention of novel coronavirus
   infections (COVID-19), for the time being, activities will resume under the following conditions.
[Acceptance of Visitors]
  LaMer will only accept visitors who meet the following requirements.
   1. Visitors not subject to requests to restrict or refrain from travel between
       Ehime University/Ehime Prefecture/Japan and the research institute/municipality/
       country to which the visitor belongs.
        *As a general rule, this shall include localities through which the visitor must pass
         during the trip. Please feel free to consult with our office if you are worried about
         the route of travel, itinerary, etc.
        *Acceptance restrictions may differ between faculty members (including
          researchers) and students.
        *Please be sure to contact the acceptance staff at LaMer in advance in regard to
         conditions in Ehime Prefecture and at Ehime University as well as in regard to
         whether or not students are being accepted.
   2. Visitors who, within the 7 days prior to the first day of scheduled visitation:
       ・Have not had symptoms that suggest novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19),
          such as fever, difficulty breathing, etc.
       ・Do not suspect that they have had close contact with someone confirmed to be
       ・Have not traveled to any regions for which travel has been restricted by
          municipalities, such as outside of Japan, special alert zones, etc.
[Behavior Record]   *See the LaMer Behavior Record Form (Excel file)
       In the event of confirmation that someone with whom you have had close contact
  contracts COVID-19, it may be necessary to submit behavior records upon request
  from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology or a
  municipality, etc. We ask that you ascertain a record of your behavior over the 7 days
  prior to the first day of scheduled visitation.
[Requests during Visitation]   *See the LaMer Requests during Visitation (PDF file)
  1. We ask that you check your body temperature when visiting as well as every day
      during extended visits.  (If you own a thermometer, please bring it with you. If
      you forget one, it is possible to check your temperature at the LaMer office.)
  2. In the event that conditions change during your visit, usage may be suspended.
  3. Please comply with the following safety preservation measures established
      independently by LaMer.
     ・Indoors, wear a mask as a general rule, and do your best to avoid mutual
        close contact and conversations. When it is necessary to converse, be sure to
        wear a mask.
     ・Frequently wash your hands using soap and disinfect with alcohol. Also,
        remember to disinfect doorknobs and other places that people touch, such as
        research equipment, etc., with alcohol.
     ・As much as possible, ventilate rooms once every 30min for around 5min at a
        time by opening at least two doors or windows.
     ・Finish laboratory work in as short of a time as possible.
     ・Limit research activities conducted within a single room (faculty rooms, small
        conference rooms, etc.) to no more than three people, and be sure to practice
        social distancing. For larger rooms, apply these standards with the area ratio
        as a guide.
  4. In the event that you suspect that you have contracted COVID-19 during your
      visit, or in the event of any other health-related problems, please promptly
      inform the acceptance staff and the LaMer office. For specific measures, please
      see the following website.
     ・Health Services Center, Ehime University: “COVID‐19 infection
     ・Ehime Prefecture: “Information on consulting services relating to novel
                                    coronavirus infection (COVID-19)
        When working during your visit (including work conducted outside of the laboratory),
please be sure to avoid the “Three Cs” (Closed spaces, Crowded places and Close contact)
at all times.