Re: New Policy for the Prevention of coronavirus infection for the Joint Usage/Research Center

   The legal status of COVID-19 under the Infectious Diseases Control Law was changed to “Class 5” on May 8, and basic infection control measures in daily life are no longer uniformly required by the government, but are left to the judgment of individuals and businesses. 
 Below is the new policy for the Prevention of coronavirus infection after May 10, 2023.
We would appreciate your cooperation.
[For the visitors]
We will welcome the visitors only if the visitors will meet the following two conditions.
1: There is no travel restrictions between the University and/or Ehime Prefecture and your facility and/or your Prefecture. If you need to go thru the area with the restrictions, please contact us prior to your visit.
2: The visitor should not have any following symptoms during the 7-day period preceding the first day of the scheduled visit.
    ・High fever, breathing difficulties, or symptoms suspected of new coronavirus infection
    ・Doubt to have a close contact to the COVID-19 patients/infected people
    ・Travel to the overseas countries, or designated Warning Areas by the local governments
[Requests during the period of visit]
We would appreciate your continuous infection prevention measures such as the followings.
 ・Wear a mask in the building
   ・Wash your hands with soap and sanitize your hands with alcohol
   ・Wipe the area which unspecified number of the people could touch
  such as door handles and experimental devices
When you suspect that you are infected with the new coronavirus or feel physically uncomfortable,
please contact your host researcher or LaMer staff.
     ・Health Services Center, Ehime University: “COVID‐19 infection
     ・Ehime Prefecture: “Information on consulting services relating to novel
                                    coronavirus infection (COVID-19)